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The handloom industry is fractured, untrustworthy, and results in the benefit of the few at the expense of the many. The weaver is exploited, the laborers are exploited, and most importantly, you are extorted. Yes!poho aims to solve this problem by creating a community where everyone benefits.


Simply put, there are two sides to Yes!poho: a side that interacts with our guests and a side that interacts with our partners. For Yes!poho, a partner is anyone who uses our platform to create and display their craft. Srinivas the weaver from Uppada is an excellent example of a partner. Srinivas uses Yes!poho to display his beautiful and elegant Uppada Sarees for the whole world to see.


So how does someone join Yes!poho? How does someone become an official Yes!poho partner? It’s as simple as putting your name, email, a short description about what you do (with the subject line “become a partner), and the best way to reach you all on this page. We will contact you in less than 24 hours, and, hopefully, you’ll be on your merry way to show the world what you have made.


But some lingering questions still exist: How does Yes!poho benefit? What more are we doing for our partners? How does this all affect you, our guest? As for the first question, we’re extremely open about how we benefit—here’s a chart!



That’s it. We strive to make sure that our commission per transaction is as low as possible so that everyone gets an opportunity to join the Yes!poho community. Our partners keep more than the majority of the profits (this is the settlement amount), but that’s not enough for us. We invest in our partners—Yes!poho is not only a place of success, but is also a place of transformation.


We created Yes!poho Institute just for this purpose. Everything we do is for the long-term, and that means that we invest in people. With Yes!poho Institute, Yes!povians and our partners can transform into their best possible versions of themselves. That could mean sponsoring a Yes!povian’s further education to a top university or it could mean sustainable living conditions for our partners. Yes!poho Institute exists to enhance the lives of the people we care about because, at the end of the day, people are what we are.


How does this affect you, our guest? Our vision is to create a community fiercely focused on our guest. If you dream it, our duty is to make sure that turns into a reality. Our partners use Yes!poho to proudly create and display their craft. This means that Yes!poho is a marketplace of experiences where our partners and you are having a great time. THAT is how our partners affect you.

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