Visakhapatnam-based Yes!poho is bringing weavers and shoppers together, one saree at a time

Visakhapatnam-based Yes!poho is bringing weavers and shoppers together, one saree at a time-yespoho

There is a romance and elegance to the saree that no other piece of clothing can match – yes, we’ve all heard this before, and while sarees made up a majority of our moms and grannys’ wardrobe, fast fashion found the saree losing favour.


But that’s changing. Increasingly, women are taking to the saree as corporate and casual wear, and even making wearing it trendy (remember the 100 saree challenge?) There, however, remains one big problem – the originality and quality of the sarees.


And to solve that, there’s Yes!poho. The online platform allows weavers and artisans to directly connect with customers, allowing them to sell handloom sarees without any middlemen. As soon as an order is received, the weavers are notified through operational hubs located close to their village. They get to work, and once the saree is ready, an agent is sent to inspect the product before it is shipped.


Founded in 2017 by Raghuram Kuchibhatla, the Visakhapatnam-headquartered startup not only works towards improving the socio-economic status of the weavers, but allows buyers easy access to a wide range of traditional sarees. Yes!poho’s ‘techno-experience’ also helps a buyer take a virtual trial of a saree.


The startup has so far on-boarded close to 40 weavers from the villages of Veeravaram and Ramachandrapuram in Andhra Pradesh, Kullakkapalayam in Tamil Nadu, Badkulla in West Bengal, Champa Nagar in Bihar, and Pochampally in Telangana.

Visakhapatnam-based Yes!poho is bringing weavers and shoppers together, one saree at a time-yespoho

The lightbulb moment

Raghuram, who has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Texas, and an MBA from Lubin School of Business, New York, hit upon the idea of starting Yes!poho when he travelled to India in 2015 and was buying sarees for his wife.


“The entire shopping experience was not pleasant,” he says. Not only did he find it cumbersome to brave the traffic to visit multiple stores, but was also dissuaded by inconsistent prices and no-return policies.


“Consumers do not have a say in the manufacturing process,” he adds.
“This means that while tastes and preferences have changed, design and
manufacturing have not changed to suit the consumer’s preferences.”


Raghuram drew upon this experience to create a checklist of solutions that would benefit both, the shopper as well as the artisan.


Ticking all the boxes


On the Yes!poho platform, “Not only do the buyers get to access a wide range of products, they also have the option of virtually trying on the saree and sharing the experience with their friends and family through our social network,” says Raghuram.


The startup takes feedback on the product range and catalogue from customers and passes this on to the weavers who can make sarees according to latest trends and to cater to different tastes. The company has also initiated the ‘Yes!poho Institute’ – an online training programme open to all those associated with the company and interested in enhancing their skills in areas such as accounting, technology, and automation.


Challenges and Growth


It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for the company. Raghuram says the saree market is highly fragmented and unorganised. “The saree is not a standardised product, which means there is no fixed benchmark for price or design. Also, the virtual trial experience that Yes!poho offers is a fairly recent trend within the online shopping industry.”


In spite of this, the startup has recorded a growth rate of 20-35 percent month-on-month. Yes!poho’s parent company, Yespoho Inc, is registered in the US, but all its operations are in India. The startup is funded by US-based Vatsacapital – which holds about 55 percent equity in the company. Raghuram says Yes!poho aims to meet a target of $1 million in revenue by the end of April 2020.


Charting out the roadmap


The handicrafts sector in India is one of the leading sources of employment in the country. According to an IBEF report, the period from April to November in 2018 witnessed exports of Indian handicrafts worth $2.42 billion. Several online marketplaces such as Festivya, CraftsBazaar, and Tijori have been vying for dominance in this sector.


On the company’s future plans, Raghuram said he plans to expand the business to include other villages in each of the states they currently operate in. The team also sponsors a group of economically disadvantaged homemakers in Vijayawada to become independent entrepreneurs and plans to expand this programme as well. Raghuram says the homemakers in Vijayawada manufacture jute bags under the guidance of Yes!poho, which are used not only by the startup, but by other clients too.


The startup also plans to foray into the Northeast. “It is not humanly possible for us to reach all villages by ourselves,” explains Raghuram. “So, we’re planning to rope in NGOs and government departments for their assistance.” With time, the company intends to include other verticals from the handicraft sector such as jewellery. Yes!poho will soon be open to receiving external capital in order to better invest in customer experience, as well as the socio-economic wellbeing of the weavers, he added.


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Yes!poho Travels… to Machilipatnam

Yes!poho Travels... to Machilipatnam-yespoho

The Yes!poho Team meets some weavers!


Before we meet a potential Yes!poho Partner—we set some goals. The most important of which is to identity our partners’ pain point. If Yes!poho makes the lives of the weaver or artisan better, then we welcome them with open arms as an official Yes!poho Partner. Remember, if you’re not making a positive difference, then you’re doing something wrong.


Next Stop—Machilipatnam!


Located in Andhra Pradesh, Machilipattnam, also known as Masulipatnam and Bandar, is a town in Krishna district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a municipal corporation and the administrative headquarters of Krishna districtis a sleepy little village that faces the Bay of Bengal. The ancient port town served as the settlement of European traders from the 16th century, and it was a major trading port for the British, Dutch and French in the seventeenth century. Famous not only for its beaches, but Machilipatnam is famous for its handloom industry, which produces Kalamkari textiles


There are several types of Kalamkari saree – Block and Pen Kalamkari. The word Kalamkari is derived from a Persian word where ‘kalam‘ means pen and ‘kari‘ refers to craftsmanship. This art involves 23 tedious steps of dyeing, bleaching, hand painting, block printing, starching, cleaning and more. Motifs drawn in Kalamkari spans from flowers, peacock, paisleys to divine characters of Hindu epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. Nowadays, this art is primarily done to create.


We met Mr. Jagan Mohan and Mr. Srinivas and we were fortunate to get to see a firsthand on how these sarees are made. Just as any other weaving communities in India, these weavers are
struggling to make ends meet. Both Mr. Jaga and Mr. Srinivas don’t want their kids to take up this profession due to low wages.

Yes!poho Travels... to Machilipatnam-yespoho

We met Mr. Jagan Mohan and Mr. Srinivas and we were fortunate to get to see a firsthand on how these sarees are made. Just as any other weaving communities in India, these weavers are
struggling to make ends meet. Both Mr. Jaga and Mr. Srinivas don’t want their kids to take up this profession due to low wages.


Thank you Mr Jagan and Mr. Srinivas for giving us an opportunity to be part of your life. We are honored to have you on Yes!poho

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Stylish Ways To Wear Saree This Wedding Season

Stylish Ways To Wear Saree This Wedding Season-yespoho

Be a head turner this wedding season adorning Designer Sarees from Yes!Poho

We all wish to look good and feel every single day adorning the finest of outfits and accessories, don’t we? And if it is a special occasion of our life such as our bestie’s wedding or a destination wedding of our sibling, we want to be a head turner adorning the best of the sarees in the most stylish and exquisite fashion. To buy the latest Saree Collection, we know our destination that is Yespoho as the brand offers the versatile collection of sarees from Kanjivaram to Chiffon and Soft Silk and Linen. But let’s get you sorted with the various ways and styles to wear a Saree giving a twist to the most evergreen and stylish attire of women.

Come, let us take you through:

Low drapes : Now this style you must be spotting it on your favorite fashion celebrities and television stars but it does look quite amazing with the pallu of the saree hanging a bit low from the waistline giving it a feel of a falling drape that is a huge trend this season. And if you have a svelte figure and a waistline, this is your pick lady to be a complete head turner this wedding season. And this style looks oh so stylish on Kanjivaram and Banarasi Sarees.

Low Drape Saree
Add a modern belt
: Break the monotony of the colors and regular saree drape by adding a belt over your saree. It can be a gold metal belt, sleek or a chunky leather belt; pick the best quality material and give a contemporary twist to your ethnic attire. It goes quite well on the printed and plain sarees. Mind you, pin up the pleated pallu on the blouse.

Belt sarees
Flair it up
: Now this is the evergreen one and never makes you go wrong. Just leave the pallu wide and open to get that iconic Bollywood feel.

Silk Sarees

There you are, try out the above styles and let the fashion game begin…!

Yes!Poho makes your Valentine’s Day ‘High on Quality, High on Love’

Yes!Poho makes your Valentine’s Day ‘High on Quality, High on Love’-yespoho

The month of February is indeed very special as Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of this month and it is our innate desire to make your lady love feel special by gifting her the presents that are ‘High on Quality, High on Love’. And what better than a Saree? It will make her feel gorgeous and resplendent adding oodles of charm to her beauty and charm by adorning the sarees which is most evergreen garment in a woman’s wardrobe.


Don’t you worry Mister, as we at Yes!Poho are always at your dedicated service and offer an array of sarees ranging from the pure silk Kanjivaram sarees, linen sarees, chiffon sarees, cotton sarees, banarasi sarees, and soft silk sarees amongst others that are high on the aspects of love, authenticity, quality, and finest craftsmanship. We present them in the myriad compilation of color shades, prints, design elements, textures, and patterns making your selection quite easy and simple. And we assure you, apart from loving her Valentine’s Gifts, your beloved will be even happier that the sarees are high on the realms of purity and quality plus she has to look no further for all her saree requirements in future as we offer sarees for the host of events and occasions of life.


As mentioned above, the feeling of love is just not confined to one specific element. And we at Yes!Poho truly stand by the same by displaying our love towards our roots of traditions and fine craftsmanship by bringing forward the creations of the Indian weavers and artisans that have been kind of lost amidst the rage of western culture. And that’s our small token of love and appreciation towards them.


So, now you know, where to head to buy the Valentine’s Day gift for your lady love. Our website is easy to use and navigate with safe and secure payment options.

Valentines Day Offer

Happy Shopping and a Very Happy Valentine’s Day…! 

An ode to the father of Romance and Fashion- Late Shri Yash Chopra Ji

An ode to the father of Romance and Fashion- Late Shri Yash Chopra Ji-yespoho

We all have grown watching Bollywood Movies and they have shaped our life and the entire lifestyle to a certain level in the most incredible and magnanimous manner. And when we come to talk about fashion and style, we are highly influenced by the spheres of Bollywood by idolizing our fashion icons and secretly wishing to look as stylish and as fabulous as them. And why not, fashion boosts our levels of confidence and charm adorning the finest of ethnic wear attires such as sarees, anarkali suits, draped sarees, half sarees, and more.


And when we come to talk about Sarees, Fashion, and Bollywood; let’s continue this blog with ‘An ode to the father of Romance and Fashion- Late Shri Yash Chopra Ji…!’ He was not just a prolific filmmaker, storyteller, and a veteran; he was an era in himself and with his last film Jab Tak Hain Jaan, it was an end of an era of fashion that was simple, evergreen, and oh so graceful to one’s eyes.  

He had an amazing and a rare acumen of understanding fashion. Like he always made her leading ladies wear Chiffon Sarees in bright and solid shades such as red, pink, blue, and yellow with wavy loose hair and minimal accessories making them shimmer amidst the glorious Alps Mountains. His heroines also adorned beautiful Banarasi Sarees in vivid color shades with chunky and ethnic jewellery. 

Rekha in Golden Saree

Buy the look

In all his movies, Saree was constant attire for his leading ladies and the garment still remains evergreen in fashion.

And we at Yes!Poho offers the finest Saree Collection from linen to Kanjivaram and silk to chiffon. It is our constant enterprise to make you soak in the luxuriance of an array of styles, designs, and patterns with our versatile collection of Sarees.

MyBlouse™: Simple, Convenient, and Affordable Blouses

MyBlouse™: Simple, Convenient, and Affordable Blouses-yespoho

MyBlouse™: Simple, Convenient, and Affordable Blouses


Blouses Designed for YOU


Imagine ordering custom clothing that’s simple, convenient, and affordable—right from your computer. That is exactly what MyBlouse™ is. Always striving to improve our guests’ experiences, we at Yes!poho have created a wholly new technology that allows YOU to create custom-made blouses in a simple, convenient, and affordable manner. It’s a lot of fun.


How does it Work?


First off, every saree that has MyBlouse™ automatically comes with an unstitched blouse fabric—this is free. Our treat.


You can use MyBlouse™ in one of three ways: you can order it at the time of your purchase, have a separate blouse order entirely or even link it to an already existing order. We made sure that the MyBlouse™ interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use. You start with one of four basic blouse designs—both for the front and back of your blouse. Second, you simply put in your measurements; this is a thorough list that includes shoulder length, chest-length, blouse length, etc. Our list of measurements is exhaustive because we want to give you the chance to customize your extremely personal fashion piece and also guarantee a 100% fit.


The last step of MyBlouse™ is one of its most exciting features. We’ve traveled all across India to gather a preliminary list of ever-expanding embroidered designs for your custom blouse. Every featured design was personally sent in by all of our offering partners; it’s an opportunity for them to fully express themselves and for you to have access to premium and authentic pieces—at a fraction of the cost.


How does this help our Partners?


This is always something we keep in mind when introducing a new technology. MyBlouse™ is not only an additional entrepreneurial opportunity for our partners but also is a chance for them to show the world their best craft. When asking for submissions, our partners jumped at this opportunity and we received submissions faster than we could upload them. The best part? Our list of featured blouse designs and embroidered patterns is ever-expanding! Check back MyBlouse™ and you’ll be sure to find a unique pattern that you’ll fall in love with.

Combining Retail, Technology, and Design for YOUR Pleasure

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Yes!poho Bollywood…Anushka and Varun on Sui Dhaaga

Yes!poho Bollywood…Anushka and Varun on Sui Dhaaga-yespoho

How Anushka and Varun transformed into Mamta and Mauji


Anushka becomes Mamta


Anushka jokingly stated multiple times that the best part about playing Mamta was that “She [I] was ready in 20 min. Flat”—but that’s where the easy part ends. Becoming Mamta is more than just putting on sindoor, bangles, a nose-pin, and a black thread, and Anushka knows this. It’s to transform yourself to think like an embroiderer, and to emphasize with the daily struggles of being a hardworking wife of an underprivileged, yet optimistic tailor.


That’s why we appreciate Anushka. We love that she went all the way to Chanderi, insisted on being as authentic as possible, and loved doing it. In fact, she went as far as learning embroidery! Anushka even embroidered in between scenes and continues to embroid—she even showed off some cool patterns in the latest t2 interview!


Varun becomes Mauji


Varun played his part as well! First, Varun had to completely switch personalities. Imagine, going from a comfortable Bollywood lifestyle to waking up early in Chanderi everyday! But, what astonished us the most was Varun’s dedication to learning how to sew.


Varun persevered to become an authentic tailor, but it was grueling. For him “It wasn’t easy at all. It was frustrating because initially, I wasn’t getting it right. The needle pierced my fingers multiple times. I’m so glad that I went through the drill because I have picked up a new skill in the process. It took me 3 months, sometimes 2 hours and sometimes 4 hours in each tailoring class to get the confidence that I could pull this off in front of the camera.” Respect!


Why’s it important to be authentic?


Why care? Many will say that it’s a movie and just there to entertain. But, it’s hard to deny that Anushka, Varun, and everyone involved in Sui Dhaaga are not passionate about helping India’s weavers and artisans. Anushka didn’t have to buy 35 sarees for herself and her family. Varun didn’t practice for 3 straight months just to entertain. When they talk about Sui Dhaaga, Anushka and Varun are genuine. Not only, is Sui Dhaaga an inspirational story, but it’s an important movement empowering India’s weavers to become entrepreneurs.

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Have Fun Saree Shopping with Yes!poho

Have Fun Saree Shopping with Yes!poho-yespoho

Affordable. Convenient. Authentic.


All things that you want, but don’t experience at the same time. If you’re dissatisfied with Saree Shopping or have ever been, then Yes!poho is specifically designed for you. It’s time to change the system and start focusing on what’s important: YOU.




The exact same Sarees you love, but at jaw-dropping prices. We are not a retail business, but rather a community of weavers and artisans that directly connect to your doorstep. For our partners, Yes!poho is where they display and create their craft. For you, Yes!poho is where you get affordable sarees. Get more of what you need at the price that you want.




Free Shipping. Free 365-Day Returns. Personal Guest Experience Managers (GEMs). We know you’re busy and respect your time. Imagine this, you’re browsing a collection of Pure Silk Sarees and want to see how you look. Use Yes!poho’s Drape and Share function, and not only see how you look, but also share with your friends and family on your personal social network: Yes!poho Palli (A Social Network for Saree Lovers made by Saree Lovers). Focus on what’s important and relax—we’ll take care of it.




For the past year, we’ve traveled all across India meeting local artisans and weavers. We’ve listened to their stories and promised that we would change their lives for the better. Traditional Indian Craftsmanship is dying, and we’re here to make sure it stays. We’ve not only met every weaver behind all the sarees you see, but also seen them creating these authentic masterpieces. Whether it’s Srinivas from Uppada or Nikhil from Pochampally, Yes!poho is as authentic as anyone can get.


A Social Cause


Surprise! Feel good about yourself when you join Yes!poho—it’s a community where everyone benefits. Every Saree you buy not only helps our local artisans and weavers, but it takes us one step closer to a shopping experience where YOU matter. Whether it’s funding the education of a local weaver or building suitable living conditions for an artisan, Yes!poho aims to improve the lives of everyone.

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Linen Sarees for the Office

Linen Sarees for the Office-yespoho

Stay Cool with Yes!poho’s Linen Sarees!


Linen Sarees. They’re comfortable, they look make YOU look great, and they’re perfect for the office. The office is stressful and requires that YOU to be at your best all the time—everytime.


Linen is a special fabric. First, it’s the oldest known fabric and master weavers all around India have perfected it. It conducts heat especially well—you’ll stay cool even during the hottest summer months. Additionally, Linens come in calming pastel colors that look fantastic. Above all, it’s a reliable outfit that requires little effort! We’re proud to showcase what our partners have in stock. In particular, we have some special pieces in mind…

Linen Sarees for the Office-yespoho

A Brilliant Red Linen Saree with Golden Striped Pallu

This Red Piece with a Golden Striped Pallu will make you look stunning. You’ll be the center of attention at any occasion. Enjoy!

A Fashionable Check Patterned Black Linen Saree With Golden And Orange Striped Pallu

A Classic Checks Saree, but with an elegant twist. Black and Orange never looked so good. Enjoy!

Linen Sarees for the Office-yespoho
Linen Sarees for the Office-yespoho

A Cool Plain Patterned Green Linen Saree Coupled With A Striped Pallu

Pastels are in and this green piece is the perfect statement piece. A great look for the office. Enjoy!

Affordable. Convenient. Authentic.

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Yes!poho Bollywood…Anushka Sharma Makes a Difference

Yes!poho Bollywood...Anushka Sharma Makes a Difference-yespoho

Anushka Sharma Makes a Difference


Anushka Sharma. Superstar. Fashion Icon. Activist.


We only have great things to say about Anushka. Her and Varun genuinely care about weavers around India—and it clearly shows. In particular, Anushka did something incredible a couple days ago that even we didn’t expect: she bought 35 authentic and ethnic Chanderi Sarees from local weavers in Madhya Pradesh.


In fact, this wasn’t a movie promo as much it was Anushka marvelling at the beautiful designs each weaver carefully crafted. Her excitement was contagious and everything she did was genuine. Each Chanderi Saree that Anushka bought took one month to complete and each one does a fantastic job of promoting those weavers’ craft. The best way anyone, including YOU, can help these local weavers is by doing what Anushka did and support these weavers financially. That’s why we already love Sui Dhaaga; it’s not just promoting, but it’s also transforming lives. Thank you Anushka. Thank you Sui Dhaaga.


Made in India


Made in India is in Sui Dhaaga’s title—and that’s important. In addition, it’s also a social movement, but more importantly, it helps local weavers and artisans by transforming them into 21st century entrepreneurs. Yes!poho is Made in India. We built a platform, created a social network, developed our Drape and Share feature so that YOU, or guest, can connect and support these budding entrepreneurs. We’re glad that Sui Dhaaga believes this too and appreciate the passion with which they tell each weavers’ story.


In short, we can’t wait to see it!


If you liked Anushka’s Chanderi Sarees then

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