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All things that you want, but don’t experience at the same time. If you’re dissatisfied with Saree Shopping or have ever been, then Yes!poho is specifically designed for you. It’s time to change the system and start focusing on what’s important: YOU.




The exact same Sarees you love, but at jaw-dropping prices. We are not a retail business, but rather a community of weavers and artisans that directly connect to your doorstep. For our partners, Yes!poho is where they display and create their craft. For you, Yes!poho is where you get affordable sarees. Get more of what you need at the price that you want.




Free Shipping. Free 365-Day Returns. Personal Guest Experience Managers (GEMs). We know you’re busy and respect your time. Imagine this, you’re browsing a collection of Pure Silk Sarees and want to see how you look. Use Yes!poho’s Drape and Share function, and not only see how you look, but also share with your friends and family on your personal social network: Yes!poho Palli (A Social Network for Saree Lovers made by Saree Lovers). Focus on what’s important and relax—we’ll take care of it.




For the past year, we’ve traveled all across India meeting local artisans and weavers. We’ve listened to their stories and promised that we would change their lives for the better. Traditional Indian Craftsmanship is dying, and we’re here to make sure it stays. We’ve not only met every weaver behind all the sarees you see, but also seen them creating these authentic masterpieces. Whether it’s Srinivas from Uppada or Nikhil from Pochampally, Yes!poho is as authentic as anyone can get.


A Social Cause


Surprise! Feel good about yourself when you join Yes!poho—it’s a community where everyone benefits. Every Saree you buy not only helps our local artisans and weavers, but it takes us one step closer to a shopping experience where YOU matter. Whether it’s funding the education of a local weaver or building suitable living conditions for an artisan, Yes!poho aims to improve the lives of everyone.

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