MyBlouse™: Simple, Convenient, and Affordable Blouses


Blouses Designed for YOU


Imagine ordering custom clothing that’s simple, convenient, and affordable—right from your computer. That is exactly what MyBlouse™ is. Always striving to improve our guests’ experiences, we at Yes!poho have created a wholly new technology that allows YOU to create custom-made blouses in a simple, convenient, and affordable manner. It’s a lot of fun.


How does it Work?


First off, every saree that has MyBlouse™ automatically comes with an unstitched blouse fabric—this is free. Our treat.


You can use MyBlouse™ in one of three ways: you can order it at the time of your purchase, have a separate blouse order entirely or even link it to an already existing order. We made sure that the MyBlouse™ interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use. You start with one of four basic blouse designs—both for the front and back of your blouse. Second, you simply put in your measurements; this is a thorough list that includes shoulder length, chest-length, blouse length, etc. Our list of measurements is exhaustive because we want to give you the chance to customize your extremely personal fashion piece and also guarantee a 100% fit.


The last step of MyBlouse™ is one of its most exciting features. We’ve traveled all across India to gather a preliminary list of ever-expanding embroidered designs for your custom blouse. Every featured design was personally sent in by all of our offering partners; it’s an opportunity for them to fully express themselves and for you to have access to premium and authentic pieces—at a fraction of the cost.


How does this help our Partners?


This is always something we keep in mind when introducing a new technology. MyBlouse™ is not only an additional entrepreneurial opportunity for our partners but also is a chance for them to show the world their best craft. When asking for submissions, our partners jumped at this opportunity and we received submissions faster than we could upload them. The best part? Our list of featured blouse designs and embroidered patterns is ever-expanding! Check back MyBlouse™ and you’ll be sure to find a unique pattern that you’ll fall in love with.

Combining Retail, Technology, and Design for YOUR Pleasure

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