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Tussar Silk Sarees, also known as ‘Kosa’ Silk Sarees, are made from silk obtained from several species of caterpillars, of the moth genus Antheraea. Known as ‘wild silk’, a name given because the silkworms breed on trees like Sal and Arjun found in the forests of Jharkhand. The raw silk has a deep golden colour and is of good texture. Tussar Silk staples are shorter and less expensive in comparison to that of cultivated silk because of the resulting quality of the produce from these silkworms in comparison to that from cultivated types. Tussar Silk is mainly found in India, in the states of Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, and Bhagalpur in Bihar, which is also famous as a commercial center for the production of Tussar Silk sarees. Eastern parts of India like Orissa and West Bengal and a small portion of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh also contribute to Tussar Silk production in India. Tribal in Jharkhand, for whom sericulture accounts as a major source of livelihood, and weavers of Bhagalpur, are skilled weavers of hand-woven Tussar Silk Sarees. Hand spun and colored with vegetable dyes, the Tussar sarees they produce are eco-friendly.

The enchantment of Tussar silk sarees

The woven Tussar Silk Saree has a coarse texture, is light on the body, airy and has a comfortable feel about it. Hand-woven Tussar Silk Saris are well known for their texture, zari borders and motifs and the hand crafted designs that enrich them. The use of leftover silk from woven fabrics, are also used to create designs on the main fabric and is a by-product of the need for variation in the weaves.

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Tussar Sarees are fabrics used with most traditional varieties for the reason that they are workable weaves that come out fine, there is affinity to most colors be it organic or man-made, the adornments on the fine weaves accentuate the look of the saree very much. Yespoho has a wide and exclusive range of Tussar silk saris that are a creative combination of Tussar silks with the traditional artistry of other varieties. You have Tussar saris with the Odisha Patachitra known for their thematic scenes from the epics and folk tales on the designer pallu. There is the Warli painting with line art depictions in white on colored backgrounds. You have modern art and abstract paintings on the smooth Tussar silk sarees that are good canvases. Jute Ghicha Tussars with eye-catching motifs, fine tribal art Kalamkari on Tussar silk saris, smooth and soft Banarasi handloom silks, creative applications of Bandhani, Pen Batik, fancy block prints, attractive adornments like Kantha embroidery, appliqués, Kundans, sequins, beads etc. make for other inspirational Tussar silk saree varieties available at Yespoho. The use of Tussar silk saris ranges from wearing at occasions like grand weddings, parties, as bridal attire, to festivals, social functions, traditional pujas, and many others including casual wear.