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Kalamkari Cotton from Andhra Pradesh

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    Maroon Kalamkari Hand Painting Cotton saree.


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The Kalamkari Saree is one of the trendiest sarees in contemporary fashion. Although it is an ancient art of using natural and organic dyes to paint on fabric, Kalamkari has found its way into the wardrobes of the modern day woman for its eco-friendly appeal. “Kalam” means pen and “kari” means work -Kalamkari literally means art work done using a pen. Technically manufactured in villages in the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, and Kalahasti near Chennai, these sarees have an interesting process. A bamboo or date palm stick pointed at one end with a bundle of fine hair attached to it is used as the pen or brush for painting the saree. All natural and organic vegetable dyes are used to apply color to the cloth. Each sari takes 90 to 120 days and 17 painstaking steps to get ready. At times a gold border may be woven into the sari. The beauty of this saree is that it gets better.

Spanning from the time of the Mughals to the current 21st century, Kalamkari sarees have bestowed the people with their own traditional charm and unmatched beauty. The delicate designs have the capacity to woo the people, given the well planned designs which have been ruling the charts since time immemorial. The extensive labor which each saree goes through has made the idea behind Kalamkari an instant with the people who relish a good crafty saree. This is why the Kalamkari sarees online are priced within an affordable price range, so that everyone can be the proud owners of these majestic masterpieces.

Revel in the glory of these timeless beauties as they transport you to their origins. Flaunt those intricate prints and let the world know that you have nothing but the very best for now and forever.

How to Maintain Kalamkari Saree

It is believed that dry cleaning is much safer for Kalamkari saree. It’s a process of cleaning by using the solvent more than water. Kalamkari sarees tend to degrade in water as it is one of the most delicate fabrics. This solvent can be also altered with Petroleum Spirit. It is believed that petrol acts as a solvent for many fabrics. Therefore dry cleaning or petrol wash is safe and at the same time good for Kalamkari sarees.

What is the difference between Madhubani Sarees and Kalamkari Sarees?

Madhubani Saree: Madhubani is an ancient art that originated from a small village in Bihar. In Madhubani saree, one can see a detailed picture of all types of gods and goddesses, animals and birds. The paintings are done with bamboo sticks, cotton fabric, twigs and other types of natural brushes.
Kalamkari Saree: Kalamkari is an antique art from Andra Pradesh. The art is performed on cotton fabric and follows 23 steps to achieve the real beauty of the art. It gained its popularity from the Mughal times. The art replicates the beauty of nature and Hindu epics.

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