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Showing 1–24 of 113 results

The Kanchipuram Saree is the most famous saree when it comes to special events like wedding and celebrations. Kanchipuram, situated close to Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, is famous for its Kanchipuram or Kanjeevaram Sarees. These traditional Sarees are of both silk and cotton, but with the Kanchipuram Silk Sari having a special place in the fabric world. The Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are made of pure silk, with motifs having zari of silk threads dipped in liquid gold and silver. For it to be classified as a Kanjeevaram Sari, Geographical Indication (GI) stricture stipulates that the decorative zari must have at least 57% silver and 0.6% gold in it. Kanchipuram Sarees have GI label for the product since 2005. The appeal of the Kanjeevaram Silks lies in the elegant broad borders with colors and designs different from that of the body. The pallu or hanging end of the saree, could continue with the same color and design as that of the border or could differ. If different, it is woven separately and then finely attached to the main saree. Typical motifs are sun, moon, peacock, swan, lion and mango. Themes like jasmine flowers scattered between boundaries, parallel lines running across or temple structures are also popular. Priced from a modest Rs. 2000/-, the Kanchipuram Silk Saree could be up to a lakh and above, based on the design, motif and materials used. These sarees have themes that are inspired from the nature- peacocks, parrots, swans, lions, coins, mangoes, leaves, jasmine buds, moons, chariots etc. are made into beautiful designs that makes it all the more appealing.

Mulberry silk is used for weaving the Kanchipuram saree, giving the saree its astounding texture, luster, sturdiness and finish. The silk thread used for weaving Kanjeevaram is made up of three single threads twisted together. The making of kanjeevaram sarees take 10-20 days depending on the amount of work involved. Truly royal in every sense, the Kanchipuram Saree is a fabric that is fit for a queen!

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Yespoho with its direct association with weavers across India is able to anticipate market tastes and also suggest fusion fashion. The traditional weaves of the Kanchipuram Silks are therefore able to incorporate fine features from other traditional varieties pan India. Applique hand painted floral bootis in Kalamkari adorn the traditional Kanchipuram silk saree on line with hand embroidery in aari, kundan, dabala and zardozi giving the elegant touch. Block printed pattu silks with zari adorned pallus in modern designs and contemporary art give a new dimension to finery and fashion for the traditional Kanchipuram silk sarees The latest Kanchi Pattu Silk Saris have crystals, kundans and beads. They make exclusive gifts on festive occasions, are preferred as grand bridal attire or are used as wear for special occasions like weddings, visit to temples during traditional festivals, cultural programs, big parties and birthdays. Having its own rightful place the not so grand Kanchipuram Cotton Handloom Saree, which is soft, airy and with check patterns, attractive color combinations, appealing motifs, elegant borders and pallus and , is comfortable, appealing and preferred during summers.

The South Handloom Kanchi Cotton Saree with its embroidered bootis and having silk or zari brocades as borders, is suitable wear for daily casual, corporate office, college and functions. Whereas the fancy version having block prints with resham border is a fusion of trendy and ethnic, would be ideal as occasional wear for home makers and working women alike. A popular variation in the Kanchipuram Silk Sari is the dipping of zari threads in rice water and drying it to get thickness, before weaving. This would be the heavier weighing stiff but also popular variety of the Saree.