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The Pochampally Silk Cotton Saree is a simple and suave choice for those who like to keep their look smooth. Having its origin rooted in the state of Telengana, these sarees are the best bet for those who crave the minimalist look- simple yet elegant. It is also worn to social events like weddings and festivals these days by the younger crowd, who play it up with complementary accessories.

The material used to make these sarees is silk, cotton and a blend of both silk and cotton. Printed with geometric patterns and designs, they are recognized as luxury sarees in India. The intricate designs and the process of coloring of the warp and weft threads before weaving are two unique features of this saree. Indulge yourself in our collection of Pochampally Silk Cotton Sarees and make a simple yet sophisticated statement at your next party!


Showing 1–24 of 88 results