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Soft Cotton from Rajastan

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Showing all 2 results

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    Orange , Blue Hand Woven Cotton saree.-yespoho

    Orange , Blue Hand Woven Cotton saree.


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    Dark Olive Green Hand Woven cotton saree-yespoho

    Dark Olive Green Hand Woven cotton saree


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The Cotton Saree is the most popular and the commonly preferred type of Saree by the womenfolk. Woven using fine quality and high grade cotton, the Cotton Saree keeps you cool and dry during the peaks of summers. Apart from being easy on your pocket, its absorbing abilities helps you keep fresh and neat despite the scorching heat.

The Cotton Saree forms an integral part of Indian fashion. Embraced by women across the globe, they are elegant and extremely comfortable. The perfect choice for hot and humid Indian summers, cotton sarees are pocket friendly too. Available in a wide range of designs, color, and patterns, the cotton saree is the most versatile piece of fabric

The saree dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization and has been the pride of India ever since. Along with the lehenga choli, Salwar suits, Anarkali suits and Kurtis, cotton saris are a must-own when it comes to Indian traditional attire. So, be sure to do your shopping of cotton sarees online before summer comes around.

How to Maintain and Wear Cotton sarees

1. Cotton sarees are very easy to wash and are absolutely low-maintenance with no wrinkles
2. The fabric does not slip and hence draping a cotton saree is very easy.
3. Cotton is a fabric that breathes and will keep you cool in warm weather.
4. There are cotton sarees of different thickness to suit different needs.
5. To create crispiness, you can starch cotton saree, although it is not necessary for daily usage.
6. Cotton can be blended with Silk, Linen and other fabrics to provide you with a classy look.
7. Cotton never goes out of style and is perfect for Indian weather.

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We have various collections of cotton saris like cotton silk sarees with prices that is directly from your weaver. Buy online only at Yespoho for all your pure handloom cotton saree collection at affordable rates. Cotton sarees are the best fabric in saris to wear regularly and for every formal occasion. It remains smooth and soft on your skin and is exceptionally comfortable. One must invest in these beautiful and comfortable saris.