Uppada Soft Silk Sarees

Uppada Soft Silk Sarees

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Showing 1–24 of 50 results

Buy online plain Uppada Jamdani pattu silk sarees at discounted prices from Yespoho. We also offer Uppada jamdani Sarees , Uppada Silk Sarees , Uppada jamdani with Butta Sarees , Uppada Tissue Sarees , Uppada Ikkat Sarees , Plain Uppada Pattu Sarees , Uppada Mahanti Sarees. Named after the small beach town of Uppada in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, Uppada Sarees hold a high importance in the society as they hugely contribute to the Indian textile industry.

The Uppada Jamdani Plain Saree is made using the age old jamdani method. Uppada silk is the first of its kind to trace the weaving technique of jamdani. These sarees are said to be translucent and give off a minimal yet elegant look. They are usually made from cotton wrap and are defined by length and breadth count of threads using only non-mechanical techniques. The designs are quite unique- floral patterns, geometric shapes, and different designs.

Types of Uppada sarees

Uppada saris are known for the best handloom saris. There are various types of Uppada sarees-

Multi-Colour Uppada Saree

The Handmade Uppada Saree
Uppada Plain Saris
Uppada Ikat Saree
Uppada Pattu Silk Saree
Uppada Checks Saris
Big Border Uppada Sari
Simple Jamdani Uppada Saree
Cream And Black Uppada Cotton Saree
These all Handloom Sarees are the best for all occasions. It is also for age groups. Anyone can wear Uppada saris. These saris are mostly famous in the South of India. One can get it now worldwide. It brings fresh handloom designs.

Making of Uppada Sarees

The length and breadth of the Uppada saris are both x100 thread counts.
Two weavers make the Uppada sarees. They are mostly made within two months or so, depending upon the designs. As there are no such manual machines, it is wholly made with hands and takes a lot of time and hard work. There is a lot of zari work required, which makes it time-consuming. But, it is worth every penny. Jamdani method is of the difficult and to re-create the same one; one needs much more time than any normal handloom saree.
The designs are preserved, and handloom saris are made in the community itself.

Usually, the Uppada sarees range from wide variety of prices as there is a lot of hard work and time-consuming method, which brings the best of Uppada silk saris. They bring out true uniqueness in the hard work. These saris are known for the best designs, and it’s eye-catching looks are the proof for being in a woman's wardrobe. Uppada silk saris can be easily ordered online through Yespoho. Yespoho offers all type of Uppada silk sarees at best price.

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We have various collections of Uppada Jamdani sarees with prices that is directly from your weaver. Buy online only at Yespoho for all your pure Uppada collection at affordable rates. Uppada sarees are the best fabric in saris to wear regularly and for every formal or regular occasion. It remains smooth and soft on your skin and is exceptionally comfortable. One must invest in these beautiful and comfortable saris.