Stylish Ways To Wear Saree This Wedding Season

Stylish Ways To Wear Saree This Wedding Season-yespoho

Be a head turner this wedding season adorning Designer Sarees from Yes!Poho

We all wish to look good and feel every single day adorning the finest of outfits and accessories, don’t we? And if it is a special occasion of our life such as our bestie’s wedding or a destination wedding of our sibling, we want to be a head turner adorning the best of the sarees in the most stylish and exquisite fashion. To buy the latest Saree Collection, we know our destination that is Yespoho as the brand offers the versatile collection of sarees from Kanjivaram to Chiffon and Soft Silk and Linen. But let’s get you sorted with the various ways and styles to wear a Saree giving a twist to the most evergreen and stylish attire of women.

Come, let us take you through:

Low drapes : Now this style you must be spotting it on your favorite fashion celebrities and television stars but it does look quite amazing with the pallu of the saree hanging a bit low from the waistline giving it a feel of a falling drape that is a huge trend this season. And if you have a svelte figure and a waistline, this is your pick lady to be a complete head turner this wedding season. And this style looks oh so stylish on Kanjivaram and Banarasi Sarees.

Low Drape Saree
Add a modern belt
: Break the monotony of the colors and regular saree drape by adding a belt over your saree. It can be a gold metal belt, sleek or a chunky leather belt; pick the best quality material and give a contemporary twist to your ethnic attire. It goes quite well on the printed and plain sarees. Mind you, pin up the pleated pallu on the blouse.

Belt sarees
Flair it up
: Now this is the evergreen one and never makes you go wrong. Just leave the pallu wide and open to get that iconic Bollywood feel.

Silk Sarees

There you are, try out the above styles and let the fashion game begin…!

Yes!Poho makes your Valentine’s Day ‘High on Quality, High on Love’

Yes!Poho makes your Valentine’s Day ‘High on Quality, High on Love’-yespoho

The month of February is indeed very special as Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of this month and it is our innate desire to make your lady love feel special by gifting her the presents that are ‘High on Quality, High on Love’. And what better than a Saree? It will make her feel gorgeous and resplendent adding oodles of charm to her beauty and charm by adorning the sarees which is most evergreen garment in a woman’s wardrobe.


Don’t you worry Mister, as we at Yes!Poho are always at your dedicated service and offer an array of sarees ranging from the pure silk Kanjivaram sarees, linen sarees, chiffon sarees, cotton sarees, banarasi sarees, and soft silk sarees amongst others that are high on the aspects of love, authenticity, quality, and finest craftsmanship. We present them in the myriad compilation of color shades, prints, design elements, textures, and patterns making your selection quite easy and simple. And we assure you, apart from loving her Valentine’s Gifts, your beloved will be even happier that the sarees are high on the realms of purity and quality plus she has to look no further for all her saree requirements in future as we offer sarees for the host of events and occasions of life.


As mentioned above, the feeling of love is just not confined to one specific element. And we at Yes!Poho truly stand by the same by displaying our love towards our roots of traditions and fine craftsmanship by bringing forward the creations of the Indian weavers and artisans that have been kind of lost amidst the rage of western culture. And that’s our small token of love and appreciation towards them.


So, now you know, where to head to buy the Valentine’s Day gift for your lady love. Our website is easy to use and navigate with safe and secure payment options.

Valentines Day Offer

Happy Shopping and a Very Happy Valentine’s Day…!