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Anushka Sharma Makes a Difference


Anushka Sharma. Superstar. Fashion Icon. Activist.


We only have great things to say about Anushka. Her and Varun genuinely care about weavers around India—and it clearly shows. In particular, Anushka did something incredible a couple days ago that even we didn’t expect: she bought 35 authentic and ethnic Chanderi Sarees from local weavers in Madhya Pradesh.


In fact, this wasn’t a movie promo as much it was Anushka marvelling at the beautiful designs each weaver carefully crafted. Her excitement was contagious and everything she did was genuine. Each Chanderi Saree that Anushka bought took one month to complete and each one does a fantastic job of promoting those weavers’ craft. The best way anyone, including YOU, can help these local weavers is by doing what Anushka did and support these weavers financially. That’s why we already love Sui Dhaaga; it’s not just promoting, but it’s also transforming lives. Thank you Anushka. Thank you Sui Dhaaga.


Made in India


Made in India is in Sui Dhaaga’s title—and that’s important. In addition, it’s also a social movement, but more importantly, it helps local weavers and artisans by transforming them into 21st century entrepreneurs. Yes!poho is Made in India. We built a platform, created a social network, developed our Drape and Share feature so that YOU, or guest, can connect and support these budding entrepreneurs. We’re glad that Sui Dhaaga believes this too and appreciate the passion with which they tell each weavers’ story.


In short, we can’t wait to see it!


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