Anushka and Varun

How Anushka and Varun transformed into Mamta and Mauji


Anushka becomes Mamta


Anushka jokingly stated multiple times that the best part about playing Mamta was that “She [I] was ready in 20 min. Flat”—but that’s where the easy part ends. Becoming Mamta is more than just putting on sindoor, bangles, a nose-pin, and a black thread, and Anushka knows this. It’s to transform yourself to think like an embroiderer, and to emphasize with the daily struggles of being a hardworking wife of an underprivileged, yet optimistic tailor.


That’s why we appreciate Anushka. We love that she went all the way to Chanderi, insisted on being as authentic as possible, and loved doing it. In fact, she went as far as learning embroidery! Anushka even embroidered in between scenes and continues to embroid—she even showed off some cool patterns in the latest t2 interview!


Varun becomes Mauji


Varun played his part as well! First, Varun had to completely switch personalities. Imagine, going from a comfortable Bollywood lifestyle to waking up early in Chanderi everyday! But, what astonished us the most was Varun’s dedication to learning how to sew.


Varun persevered to become an authentic tailor, but it was grueling. For him “It wasn’t easy at all. It was frustrating because initially, I wasn’t getting it right. The needle pierced my fingers multiple times. I’m so glad that I went through the drill because I have picked up a new skill in the process. It took me 3 months, sometimes 2 hours and sometimes 4 hours in each tailoring class to get the confidence that I could pull this off in front of the camera.” Respect!


Why’s it important to be authentic?


Why care? Many will say that it’s a movie and just there to entertain. But, it’s hard to deny that Anushka, Varun, and everyone involved in Sui Dhaaga are not passionate about helping India’s weavers and artisans. Anushka didn’t have to buy 35 sarees for herself and her family. Varun didn’t practice for 3 straight months just to entertain. When they talk about Sui Dhaaga, Anushka and Varun are genuine. Not only, is Sui Dhaaga an inspirational story, but it’s an important movement empowering India’s weavers to become entrepreneurs.

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