The Yes!poho Team meets some weavers!


Before we meet a potential Yes!poho Partner—we set some goals. The most important of which is to identity our partners’ pain point. If Yes!poho makes the lives of the weaver or artisan better, then we welcome them with open arms as an official Yes!poho Partner. Remember, if you’re not making a positive difference, then you’re doing something wrong.


Next Stop—Uppada!


Located in Andhra Pradesh, Uppada is a sleepy little village that faces the Bay of Bengal. Famous for its beach, it’s just a couple of kilometers from Kakinada; that means you can grab a famous Kakinada Kaja and still see a gorgeous sunset. However, Uppada’s most famous sight is human-made: it’s the light and elegant Uppada Saree.


We couldn’t wait to add this iconic piece to our collection, so we packed our bags and drove all the way up from Vizag. Uppada, and its surrounding villages of Veerawaram and Rajamundry, have approximately 500 weavers and their families.


Meet Srinivas and Raju. These are the two weavers we met in Uppada that really struck a chord with us. We saw first hand how they crafted a classic Uppada Saree—Srinivas even makes his own threads! Both described that they craft these sarees and sell them at a fraction of their retail cost.


Yet, the most heartbreaking moment was when Raju expressed his concern with the industry. Due to the lack of demand, time required, poor wages, and bad living conditions, he didn’t want his children to be a part of a long-lasting tradition.


For us, this was a call to action. Not only did we have the chance to display their craft to a global audience through our platform, but Yes!poho was also a chance for a better life. This was one of those rare instances where everyone benefited and we’re glad we created and continue this beautiful relationship with Uppada.


Thank You Srinivas. Thank You Raju. Thank You Uppada. Thank YOU.

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